Case study

Cap to cover immersion pumps and self-priming immersion pumps


AISI 304

Sheet metal thickness

1,2 mm


Stamping, trimming, threading and welding


Our client, an immersion pumps producer, turned to MbM with the need to find a sole supplier capable of offering the finished component ready for assembling. The production of this element needs, other than the metal sheet stamping, the creation and finishing of two bushings which are subsequently welded to the shell. These two operations were previously carried on by two different suppliers increasing costs and productive and logistic complexity. The capability of MbM to manage projects with high complexity beyond the "simple" stamping one, has provided to the customer a reliable and technically capable partner, in addition to a reduction of total managing costs. The project, delivered in time and line with the technical and qualitative requests, has satisfied the client to the point of expanding the range of products currently supplied by MbM.

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We are specialists in cold stamping of metal materials, especially in deep drawing processes.

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