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We are specialists in cold stamping of metal materials, especially in deep drawing processes.

Mass production

The company has a large fleet of machines, with presses from 20 to 800 tons. This allows MbM to have a modular production capacity that adapts to the different needs of the customer. Discover our technical capabilities by downloading our plant list.

Cold machining

Deep drawing

The sheet metal is cold deformed to obtain concave shapes impossible to produce with other methods (e.g. through bending machines), thanks to the use of special molds. Our know-how allows to avoid tears or tensions inside the material, which can lead to breakages or quality problems.


The sheet metal is bent into the desired shape, functional to subsequent production operations, or to the final size of the produced object.

Sheet metal blanking

Commonly known as cutting, it allows, starting from the sheet metal, to obtain specific geometric shapes which are the starting point of each product. The waste and cost reduction are a fundamental part of this process.


The sheet metal is perforated by a punch, to obtain the necessary holes and avoid subsequent machining.

Trimming and edging

These operations allow, through the process of sheet metal edging, to obtain edges which are equalized or functional for particular uses (e.g. handles, curls) and reduce any cutting danger for operators and users. This operation can be done through the use of molds or using edge bending / trimming machines.

Other processes

Laser cutting

The use of laser for cutting metal sheets allows flexibility of use, speed and the obtaining of very particular shapes, hard to obtain with traditional processes.

Welding and spot welding

Through welding, two metal pieces can be joint by using heat and welding material, adding the components in a continuous welding line. Usually used to obtain more complex mechanical components, the results of welding are impossible to reproduce with other methods. Spot welding, instead, by implementing the same technology, joins the pieces through single welding points.


Galvanizing and surface processes

We offer to carry out of these operations thanks to partnerships created over time with well-established companies in the area. Galvanizing, for example, prevents corrosion by covering the products with a thin layer of zinc.

Mold division

Our equipment

Internal mold production is one of the company strengths, being functional and essential for the press division. The company has a large fleet of machines dedicated to the final machining process of our components. Our presses fleet ranges from 20 to 800 tons.


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We are specialists in cold stamping of metal materials, especially in deep drawing processes.

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