Projects carried out

Food & Drink

Keg and collar for beer keg

The keg is produced by joining the body of the keg with the nozzle. The first is stamped with deep drawing. The nozzle is trimmed after molding and lastly welded to the body. The collar is the result of a process that initially starts with the roll bending and welding of the sheet metal and ends with the cutting and edges bending of the finished product.

Food & Drink

Water dispenser tank

The tank consists of two caps which are both deep-drawn molded products. During this initial phase, the holes are also prepared and threaded.


External body of a submersible pump and the connected filter

The external body of the submersible pump is produced with deep drawing, with threading of the filter and of the body itself. Furthermore, the filter drilling is also carried out during the pressing operation.

Agricultural and earthmoving machinery

Carter for electric rotor

The carter is produced during the pressing operations where holes are also done. The component is then rounded off and finally galvanized.

Food & Drink

Water carbonator tank

The tank is deep drawn and the lid is pressed to the final shape. The process is completed with the clamping of the sheet metal to close the component.


Chair base for dental and medical offices

The chair base for dental and medical offices is produced by joining its various pressed components which are then welded together and assembled. Once completed, the chair base is finally chromed.

Agricultural and earthmoving machinery


The casing for agricultural machinery is a deep-drawn product completed with the necessary connections to the various components to be assembled. Finally, the component is welded with another element and delivered to the customer.

Air conditioning

T-fitting for ventilation systems

This component is produced in various sizes following an effectively tested blanking and deep drawing process.


Lid for boiler

The cover is deep drawn, and it is completed with the holes necessary for the next assembly. The component is then welded to the upper disc.

Agricultural and earthmoving machinery

Semi-curves for agricultural machinery

The component is deep drawn and the main hole as well as the two smaller ones, needed for subsequent assembly, are made through a single step.


Support for ceiling lights

The support for ceiling lights is composed of two elements: the support, which is a deep-drawn product, and the screw containing the hook. The two parts after being assembled, are galvanized.

Luggage industry

Metal beauty case structure

The two complementary components of the beauty case are printed with deep drawing in a single step.

Home appliances

Iron structure

The two complementary structures for the iron are deep-drawn products and are supplied already containing all the necessary holes. The parts are delivered to the customer painted according to the requirements.

Food & Drink

Component for kitchen mixer

The component is stamped and already by the end of this phase, it obtains the necessary shape excluding excess sheet metal. The last step consists in joining the detail with a disc through welding.


Flanges for tanks

Both tank flanges are produced through stamped, finishing the stamping cycle which already provided all necessary holes. Before being delivered to the customer, the product is galvanized.

Construction sector

Props for the construction sector

The component is stamped and the internal pin is subsequently welded to it. Lastly, the prop is galvanized.


Hinge for parietal pallets

The hinge for wall boxes is composed of two complementary elements that are stamped simultaneously starting from the same sheet metal.

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